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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The  restoration of my Chrysler Hillman Avenger may probably takes 3 months. However there are another projects running parallel with this one. So it may takes a bit longer. So be it..relax as long as the projects can fulfill my free time. Most importantly I will not getting bored when I got nothing to do during weekend.
Kerja-kerja membaikipulih dijangka mengambil masa 3 bulan. Mungkin lebih sikit sebab ada projek-projek lain yang berjalan serentak.
The hub cap when the car was bought.

The hub cap after polishing and restored to its original look. See..the chromed bumper was also polished and restored successfully. Not bad huh...after all the hard works..the result is amazingly superb..

Friday, October 26, 2012

An old school stuff: This is my next project - a restoration of an old school 1974 Hillman Chrysler Avenger GL with 1500 cc. I believe that this is the only car in Malaysia right now. Difficult to get spare part and I don't know how to go about restoring it. But I will try hard. Most of the works done in DIY manner. Will update status as time goes along. Cheers
The front wind screen and rear screen rubbers hardened. Body rusted at its lower parts. Door glass rubber seals hardened causing rain water sipping through down to the bottom part of the doors.

Rare breed of Chrysler Avenger 500. Seldom can be found even in UK now. Some may still there in New Zealand.
Hockey stick rear flashlight - I have bought the cover from some new old stock via e bay from UK. Will post the picture soon.
Two round lights with the Avenger Car emblem in the middle of the grill - All still  look great.